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My Festival My Responsibility

Walking through the city after a festival feels like wading through the beginning signs of an impending apocalypse; a puddle of left over items and forgotten pile of unsold flowers, fruits and vegetables filled through the streets and market place waiting for the garbage cleaning trucks.

It’s well known that festivals are messy affairs, but for once, we’re not talking about the amount of sweets you eat or the friends you greeted. According to the think tank Powerful Thinking, festivals produce a whopping 23,500 tonnes of rubbish every year, with two-thirds of that being sent off to the landfill. And besides the immediate issue of punters leaving their litter behind.

One good idea is that flowers, fruits and vegitables left behind at festivals are packed up and donated to those in need. “Sadly, this is a still not a reality,” Omkar Printers, who has a keen interest on clean community, tells me. In reality, your abandoned litter is more likely to find its way to the landfilll;

The open social cause program “My Festival – My Responsibility” lead by Reach4Cause and Omkar Print Labs along with large number of volunteers, NGO’s, Associations and many more decided to lift leftover sugarcane and plantain leaves from various market place in and around Bengaluru and transporting this to identified GOSHAALA’S and BANNERGHATTA ZOO. .

Reach4Cause along with volunteer’s covered Bangalore South, the plantain leaves and Sugarcane leftovers from various markets and transported to GOSHAALA’S for feeding cows as part of Animal Welfare Cause and Clean Bangaluru program.

The event is “My Festival – My Responsibility” was held on 15th January 2019 at 10:30 AM in Padmanabha Nagar. Volunteering activities and all are gathering around 2:00 PM at Kanakapura Main Road near Art of Living.