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Timeline is designed to help people tell illustrated stories about their situation– with the “situation” consisting of posts, comments, likes and other content, along with summaries of people’s interactions with one another and with software apps.


Charity is an NGO, Trust or a Cause which is added by a registered NGO or Corporate user. You can register as a NGO or Corporate by following the community link. Charities provide whole lot of information about the NGO, Trust or the Cause. Most Importantly charities is where donations are raised. This is one

Member Groups

Groups provide platform to members to join towards a social cause. They can collaborate online to carry out an activity for the social cause. They can plan the activities, gathering for specific region or for the cause across geographies. You can share issues across continental boundaries to collaborate for local initiatives.


Events are the charity events that are held for a cause. The events can be published by NGO’s, Trusts or corporate’s for the benefit of the society. The events has the venue details and will show the people who are going for the event. NGO’s, Trust’s or Corporate’s can plan the event based on the


Reach4Cause platform provides NGO’s, Trust’s and corporate’s ability to scout for suitable candidates to be part of their staff or program by attracting the relevant interested candidates for the suitable oppertunity. The jobs can be of Part-time, full-time, salaried or volunteer jobs.


Reach4cause platform provides an opportunity for you to connect to people with common interest. Lets suppose you have an unique interest for pet animals such as cats or dogs, you can connect to experts from the same locality and with the same interest. Once connects you will follow them and you will be able to


NGO’s, Trust’s, Corporate’s and Members require different products for their causes and events. These products are genrally expensive in the market place. Reach4Cause platform provides an unique online store for purchase of their required products at reasonable price from our sellers who are interested to provide special discounts as part of their corporate social responsibility