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Helpers Of The Help Seekers

Reach4Cause provides a digital platform to do collaboration of NGO’s, CSR’s, Donors, Individuals and Corporates. The charity programs / Events / Social Responsibility related services shall be added in the platform.

Many people over the globe struggle to get a normal life every day. There are many who struggle for food, shelter, medical requirements and climate changing issues.

According to the analytic we can analyse the poverty population all over the world as follows:

There are numerous displaced people found over the world out of which 50% is children, about 1 Million HAITIANS are homeless after the earthquake held on 2010 and over 160 Million people worldwide are affected by natural disasters every year. Reach4Cause helps you to be a helping hand for those people who are suffering everyday from poverty.

The blessed people like us who are blessed with basic necessary things should become a helping hand for those needy ones. Reach4Cause helps you to take the initiative if you want to provide food to the hunger people, provide medical support to the people who are effected by any disease due to lack of treatment, provide education to the children who are deprived from studies due to lack of funds, to provide clothing to the people who in need and many more. Donating things like food, homes for shelter, clothing to those needy people will be a gratefulness that provides peace of mind and satisfaction of doing some charity for the social cause. People who wish to do such activities are free to approach Reach4Cause for any cause.

These programs can be viewed by community members and can provide the rating and comments on their social welfare activities. These rating would help CSR’s to decide on the right NGOs for doing donations / sponsors.

Reach4Cause provides easy access to NGOs who conducts such charity activities. For example, Sainele Foundation who are associated with providing education, environmental cleanliness, disaster relief, sanitation, water scarcity, climate change, gender equality, etc.,.

Reach4cause in association with all such communities works for the betterment of needy people. We at Reach4Cause conduct various events to raise donations for the cause from the organizations CSR funds, Corporate / individuals who are interested to donate for the cause. In many occasions we have raised funds by conducting events like “World Environmental Day”, “Charity Cricket League”, Swara Jhankara, etc.,.

For more details, visit our website http://www.reach4cause.com and register with us on the website. You can reach us to email : info@reach4cause.com or call us +91 6366688822/44/55 for more details.