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Business or Corporate of any size can register on the Reach4Cause platform to support various causes. Corporate’s have a very serious concern about the society and want to improve the society by supporting various causes.

Corporate’s genrally face the following problems when they want to work for the social causes

  • Lack of consensus lead to duplication of activities by corporate houses
  • Little or no knowledge about CSR within local communities to spread awareness
  • Identification of right people or right NGO‚Äôs for various social cause programs
  • Little or no knowledge about regional challenges and issues
  • Loosely coupled synergy in allocation of budget region wise for various social cause programs
  • Little or no visibility of execution of social cause programs vs. impact analysis

Corporate’s or Business many time want to contribute towards unique issues and want to have long term roadmap towards solving the issues of the society in an organic approach. Generally this roadmap based approach is disrupted by many corporate’s working on the same social cause and will lead to program termination or program disruption. Reach4Cause will help you by making the regional society and corporate’s aware of your programs and will create a eco-system where the corporate’s can collaborate and build a stronger roadmap and collective approach or take up complimentary¬† programs, so the desired impact on the community is achieved.

Corporate’s or Business want to create an impact to the local community, which could help improve the leaving standard or their workforce or provide better education prospects for the children of employees. This can happen when the NGO’s and Corporate’s in the community work with the common idea and objectives. Reach4Cause will connect the local NGO’s and Corporate’s with common programs and from the same geography, which will ensure the corporate donations are used for the programs which the corporate’s are interested.

Reach4Cause provides the accountability between the corporate’s and the NGO’s to ensure the funds and resources are being utilized properly. Corporate’s can follow the NGO or Trust to ensure the timely programs are conducted as per the corporate’s roadmap.

Corprate’s and Businesses Can take benefit from the platform by subscribing to on Reach4Cause platform at a fraction of cost than maintaining own team towards effective program governance.


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