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NGO & Trusts

Any NGO or Trusts (Churces, Temples, Mosques, Gurudwara or any cult) can register on the Reach4Cause Platform to seek spread the message and seek support from the community at large.

Following are the issues that we as a platform will address

  • Lack of visibility about CSR/Donors funding initiative for various social programs
  • Identification of volunteers’ region wise is difficult to mobilize the resources
  • Little or no awareness about what other NGO’s are doing
  • Lack of information/data
  • Ad hoc execution of social cause programs leads to failure of programs hence no impact
  • Difficulty in bringing sustainability and continuity in social cause programs

NGO’s and Trust’s are always in need of financial resources of large volumes. so they can work on the cause at the global level. The NGO initiatives are limited by because they do not have adequate resources to engage. on the other hand corporate’s are sitting on piles of cash and other resources at their disposal to find the righ partner to execute social cause program. Reach4Cause platform will connect you on single platform so NGO’s can find the supporting corporate’s and corporate’s can find the suitable NGO’s or Trust’s.

NGO’s and Trusts are looking for volunteers to engage with them for the social cause program’s in specific location. Reach4Cause platform provides access to individual members who have interest for cause which the Trusts or NGO’s are working with. Volunteers will connect with NGO’s and Trusts directly by using become volunteer option on your charity.

NGO’s and Trusts can publish the programs and events they are conducting, so every member and corporate knows what you are doing and can connect with you directly by donations or reach you directly for help. Suppose you are working on Women Abuse Protection Program, women can connect with you directly and seek your help to help them.

NGO’s or Trusts Activities are at one place. So the trace ability and accountability is available at one place for your donors or corporate’s to see. your continues updates on the platform will get you more donors and volunteers.

The programs and Events that the NGO’s or Trusts want to conduct will have no impact if the beneficiaries don’t make use of it. Reach4Cause platform will allow your followers and members to popularize the program by spreading the word. The people in need will connect with you and take benefit of the event or program.

NGO’s or Trusts Can take benefit from the platform by subscribing to on Reach4Cause platform at a fraction of cost than maintaining own website.


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